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Our Team:
John Wilkins founded  Our Passion For after suffering with a number of chronic diseases and including a crippling  autoimmune disease - PMR. His desperate search for answers eventually lead him to search out 
a holistic approach. After much research and soul searching, he adopted a whole food plant-based lifestyle. To his utter amazement, he was completely healed of 4 separate conditions and was able to stop all his prescription medications in only 8 weeks! Our Passion For was created by John to get the word out about the amazing healing power of food. "This simple truth needs to be known by everyone who cares about their health and I'm going to do whatever I can do get the word out!"
Krista Bluesmith is a passionate film maker excited about helping people become educated about health and healing. She is using her skills as a film maker to spread the word about food being ones medicine. We are happy to have the passion and skill that she brings to our documentary...  "Turning Back Time". She  loves to be a resource for others in helping them to find the path to wholeness. 
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Dr. Adam Fields with wife Laila

Adam is a "functional" doctor and chiropractor who utilizes many therapies to achieve optimum health. Adam stresses eating a plant-based diet and sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Sean Davis is a professional Director of Photography who has been growing in the digital media industry for over fifteen years. He is a creative and dynamic storyteller and is excited about spreading the word about transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. He is the lead director of our "Turning Back Time" documentary. 
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